Recommended Reads For Newsletter Creators

I’m always on the lookout for great newsletter tips.

That should come as no surprise since I created the Newsletter Accelerator Course to help you grow your newsletter and oversee an incredible Facebook group for Newsletter Creators.

Bookmark this page because I’m going to update it regularly and use it to share links to articles, videos, and podcasts I come across that can help you take your newsletter to the next level.

Here’s some recommended reading for you…

👉 How A Newsletter Attracted 4,100 New Subscribers In Two Months

MarketingExamples.com shared a case study of how they got a whopping 12.9% of people who visited their website over the past two months to sign up for their newsletter.

They break down exactly how they did it and what they learned about the importance of being obvious, how best to use popups, and the importance of being human (imagine that?).

Read the case study here.

👉 A Look At How Many People Actually Subscribe And Pay For Newsletters

Richard MacManus wanted to get a sense of how big the market actually is for newsletter and how likely people are to pay for a subscription to one, so he launched a survey and shared the results in this article.

What he discovered is promising including that 70% of people subscribe to newsletters of some kind and 38% are willing to pay for a newsletter that covers their favorite hobby.

Read the article here.

👉 How I Write My Newsletter

I get asked all the time how I’ve managed to produce my For The Interested newsletter every week for the past 3+ years, so I wrote this post to share the step-by-step process I use to create it.

It includes how I find ideas to feature in the newsletter, what software I use to create and send it, how I promote it once it’s published, how I increase my open rate, and more.

Read the article here.

You’ll also find my advice on how to write a newsletter helpful.

👉 How The Morning Brew Newsletter Used A Referral Program To Attract 1.5 Million Subscribers

Morning Brew has become a BIG newsletter and it credits much of its growth to the use of a referral program that incentivizes subscribers to spread the word to others about it.

Tyler Denk, who is a senior product lead at the company, wrote a blog post in which he explains how the referral program works and the lessons he’s learned along the way as they’ve optimized it over the past couple years.

Read the article here.

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